Action call out : the CIGEO monsters

In France, the national agency ANDRA is planning the construction of a huge center for burrying nuclear waste called CIGEO. The entire CIGEO project is a kind of Frankenstein which is made from the core ingredients of capitalist power. ANDRA – company on the front line of CIGEO is just the well made up face of this creature hiding the enormous complexity of connections between civil and military industry, state and finance sector. Digging a bit one can easily realize that divisions between civil and military, state and corporations, public and private, national and international are nonetheless just illusions.

Untill now, the main struggle against the nuclear dumpster took place in Bure in Meuse department (where the project is planned to be established) and surrounding departments. 30 years of struggle with a large palette of tactics like juridical attacks, pickets, demos, hundreds of different actions, occupations and sabotage allowed to delay CIGEO’s process. However it has its price. Capitalist and state alliance proved its determination increasing the land grabbing, the blackmailing and the repression like evictions, trials and jail. After last eviction of occupied Lejuc Forest, ANDRA, preparing itself to push further the project, is calling for contracts for drilling, construction, surveillance, security and risk management services. State already gave its hand by “securing” the place constantly keeping in Bure and surroundings high number of gendarme forces proving once again that nuclear power always means militarization.

It became visible that struggle focused only on local aspect might not be enough anymore. We have to start attacking the whole structure, and not only the visible top of the iceberg. This is the reason of this appeal.

Contractors of ANDRA are often international corporations. While the place of CIGEO project is more and more a military stronghold full of surveillance and state violence, the weak points of the whole structure could be find in other places. They can put enormous number of armed forces in one place but they are not able to secure all the places where the corporations working on CIGEO are. Let’s start focusing on all their weak points until ANDRA has no contractors anymore to do their dirty jobs.

We are not asking for any specific type of action : be creative and feel free to do whatever you would like to.

In France, the campaigns targets specifically a company called Ingérop. They are mostly present in France but also have agencies elsewhere in the world. On the other pages you will find lists of other companies that work for the Cigéo project.