Ingerop leaks (solidarity with people arrested in Bure)

The following link was sent to us by email :

Update : Data have been raided

This link seems to host several internal Ingerop documents, notably concerning the Cigéo project, but not only. A text file called “communique.txt” comes with the documents and seems to explain where they come from. We copy the file content below :

Internal Ingerop files notably concerning Cigeo came to us, and will be published soon but in the mean time we decided to publish part of those which we found intesresting in areaction to the house searches of the 20 june (link

An extract of a document concerning the electric transformer clearly shows that the transformer position was chosen by the cops and in complete opposition with the previous study which rejects this position of visibility and ecological impact reasons.

the documents will appear in the next days/weeks

Solidarity with the arrested people and other people in the place, courage for what’s to come

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