But what is INGEROP doing on the CIGEO project?

In the beginning of 2012, Ingérop becomes part of the Gaiya grouping which aims to carry out system project management for Cigéo, project of a disposal center for nuclear waste directed by Andra (National agency of radiactive waste).

Ingérop plays a critical role in the preliminary phases of the Cigéo project, by making the link between the different companies which carry out the project management. It’s one of their main projects of which they praise a lot the innovative aspect. They are also very proud of working in the nuclear sector.

The main contracts which links Ingérop to the Cigéo project, of 70 millions of euros, currently runs from 2012 and 2018, and should probably continue afterwards for the rest of the project. Concerning related projects, preliminary to Cigéo, Ingérop notably handles project management for the electrical transformer which construction is planned next to the futur nuclear waste burrying center.

TECHNIP and the group INGEROP did a 50/50 partnership in a consortium called Gaiya to take care of the system project management of the CIGEO project. The system project management concerns the sketch missions, the brief and definitive preliminary draft of the following sub-systems :
– Nuclear process
– The surface nuclear facilities
– The surface conventional facilities
– The subterranean facilities and the surface-bottom link
– The common facilities

Translated extracts of Ingénews n°3 (2013) (french)

In January 2012, ANDRA gave to the group Gaiya, parity alliance between Technip and INGEROP, the project management of this iconic project. The mission given to Gaiya will take place in various steps during a period of time of almost 6 years :
– definition of the structural choices ;
– selection of three global solutions of the pre-sketch level ;
– sketch of a global solution ;
– preparation of the file for the public debate ;
– consulting the management of the subsystems which will take part in the preliminary drafts ;
– definitive preliminary draft ;
– project management of the design and implementation of the preparatory works;

Translated extracts of the annual report 2013 of INGEROP (french)

CIGEO, industrial center of deep geological layers storage, precursor at a global level, is a unique project giving what is at stake, its time-line, its requirements, its extent and its cost, that require to create normative and reglementary referentials to apply. It mobilizes at a large scale the Ingérop teams, as much in its territorial component as in its technical expertise.

Translated extracts of the annual report 2014 of INGEROP (french)

Achievement of the year in urban engineering : (…) surface facilities linked with Cigéo.

Translated extracts of Ingérotech n°5 (2015) (french)

The « System » project management of the sketch phases, APS and APD has been given by the ANDRA to the Gaiya group (partnership 50/50 between Technip and Ingérop). The project will be structured in various sub-systems. The group Ingérop is especially responsible for : the surface nuclear facilities, the surface conventional facilities, the subterranean facility infrastructure, and the surface-bottom link, and a part of the common facilities.

The sketch phase, that took place in 2012-2013 allowed verifying the feasibility of the storage center, choosing the global design that will allow to ensure the follow-up of the timetable of implementation and to appreciate the cost of possession of CIGEO.


For the geomecanic sizing of the subterranean work, our specialized subsidiary Geos developed a method that was published at the tunnels world congress in Geneva in 2013.


This sketch phase is being followed by two phases of preliminary draft (APS-APD) from late 2016 till mid-2017 allowing a refinement of the design.

Extracts of the publication of 2015 of Roberto Muscetti “Managing the Cigéo design : A Challenge and an Opportunity” (english)

The French engineering group INGEROP, after being involved for years in the conceptual studies on the French deep geological repository’s design for ANDRA, is carrying out since 2012 the global project management and the technical integration for the CIGÉO project.
Its activities have been carried out in the framework of a 50-50 consortium called “GAIYA”—a name coming from the Greek goddess of earth and an African word for collective endeavor—with the French company TECHNIP, and concerned, at first, the engineering for the preliminary design, concluded in early 2013, and then the management and integration of the engineering studies for the basic design phase, which is still ongoing, followed by the detail design phase (to last until mid-2017).

Translated extracts of the annual report 2015 of INGEROP (french)

2015 have been the year that ended the phase of brief preliminary draft of Cigéo.


Therefore, there is around thirty specific jobs involved in its development to which contribute the expertise of almost all of the various activities of the group. Counting the project management of the sub-systems with which we finished the preliminary draft at the end of 2015, it is almost 400 people that work on CIGEO.

Translated extracts of the annual report 2016 of INGEROP (french)

Ingérop was present at the WNE, essential rendez-vous of the subsidiaries of the nuclear energy branch, in Paris-Le Bourget from June 28th till June 30th. During this event, Ingerop hosted a conference on its stand : « Ingérop’s implication in the CIGEO project ».


Achievements of the year in Nuclear Energy : (…) significant operations continue : Andra – Cigéo : project management system of the disposal center of ultimate waste in Bure.