Ingerop Leaks – Reaction inside of Ingerop to our campaign !

As we said somes of Ingerop files have been leaked on the internet.

In those documents we found somes mails send by the director and the IT service following the launching of our campaign and the emails they received. Emails below (in french with short and bad translation)

11 juin – réaction d’Yves Metz, président d’Ingérop au lendemain du lancement de la campagne

June 11th : The director of Ingerop send to all employes:

  • That cigeo is done with all authorization
  • to not answer or react to message their would recieve
  • to contact the human ressource and juridical services if the receive anything
  • that everybody should be responsible and take care of security

13 juin – un “plan d’actions complet” en réaction à la “campagne de dénigrement du projet Cigéo”

June 13th : IT director to everyone

  • please redirect to all message you have or will receive
  • everybody will have to change password
  • the IT team is doing stuff to protect everyone and the image of their company ……

14 juin – une “cellule d’accompagnement” pour tous les collaborateurs Ingérop

June 14TH : director of human ressource and juridical service to everyone

they have open a cell to help people that feel they need help concerning this campaign that you can join by telephone or mail

14 juin – changement général des mots de passe chez Ingérop

Everybody have to change password

14 juin – encore des messages indésirables reçus par les employé.e.s d’Ingérop

they are still receiving spam so people should redirect them to cigeo defence

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