Ingerop data on Cigéo back online

We noticed an article published a few days ago, which talks about Ingerop data concerning Cigéo and other projects being back online.

Link to the article : (in german)

The article states that the data won’t stay online for very long, and that it is advised to make copies, even to create “mirrors” so that the data is hosted somewhere else (without forgetting that a police raid already happened two months ago for the host of this data).

In the meantime, the article gives a link allowing the download of the data, either file by file (“brut” folder), or as big compressed files (“small” folder). The link is in “.onion”, which means it can only be accessed via Tor Browser (c.f. to download Tor Browser if you don’t have it already).

The data download link : bxqigvnvsi7nlure.onion

We can apparently indeed access once again dozens of GB of internal Ingérop data concerning the Cigéo project, splitted in three files :

  • “Liaison intersites environnement” (environmental multi-sites linking)
  • Bâtiments de surface (surface buildings)
  • Transformateur électrique (transformer)

We can also find dozens of GB of data concerning other Ingérop projects : existing or future jails (Gradignan-Bordeaux, Lutterbach, Saran), feasibility studies from the Center for Atomic Energy, services linked to Fessenheim closure, RATP studies, Bercelone and Las Condes (Chili) tramways, and the Saint-Priest center for tramway maintenance.

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