Actions history


(July) Tag against nuclear in Crest

(July) Action at the visit IRSN tunnel in Tournemine

(June) leaks of data from INGEROP

(June) Emails spamming of all INGEROP’s employees

(June) Action at ENGIE offices in Belgium : A big group of animals did visit ENGIE office in belgium and redecorate it a bit.(video in the post)

(March) Degradations at Hirrus and Neomys (french) : degradations of the headquarters of Hirrus and vehicles of belonging to Neomys. Hirrus and Neomys are “naturalist” associations working for Andra.

(March) Sabotage of a high voltage line (french) : a high voltage line in the south of Meuse was sabotaged by a high temperature fire. It didn’t fall but should have to be replaced.

(Mars) Pose de banderole devant un tunnel de IRSN

(Mars) In montreuil a ENEDIS car burn in solidarity with struggle against Cigeo and Linky

(Février) Offices from EDF get saccaged in Toulouse in reaction to the Bois Lejuc eviction

(Février) Offices from EDF get saccaged in Besancon in reaction to the Bois Lejuc eviction

(Février) Enedis cars burn in Dijon n reaction to the Bois Lejuc eviction


(December) Tags on EDF offices in Rouen and Montpellier

(September) EDF’s cars burn in Rennes following the raids in Bure

(Juin) The hotel restaurant “le bindeul” build for ANDRA saccaged

(Mai) The mayor of Mandres and big supporter of Cigéo Xavier LEVET have his tires slashed and his warehoures painted

(Février) “L’écotheque” A greenwashing building build by OPE (the stable observatory of environnement) is attacked three times in a week

(February) the FAI cell Remi Fraisse burn a french diplomatic car in Berlin in solidarity with the strggle in la ZAD and in Bure


(July) Blockade of Vichard Frères (french) : the portal of Vichard Frères, a company that works of Andra, is blocked to prevent trucks from passing.